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Who I am

Kia ora tatou
Ko Rangitoto te mauna
Ko Hauraki te awa
No Tamaki ahau
Ko Carbines toku whanau
Ko Ellis toku whanau
Ko Cherie toku ingoa

My family goes back many generations in New Zealand, and I was born in Devonport. My first school was in Albany and I grew up on ‘the Shore’. Since then I have lived all over the world, returning here to Auckland which has always been my home. We moved to Greenhithe so that our daughter could go to High School in Albany which feels like a full circle.

As a Kiwi woman I am proud of the fact that it was our Kaumātua who started the journey which resulted with women having the right to vote around the world. Because of this I feel profoundly compelled to vote whenever and wherever I am eligible to do so.

I am a partner, parent, grandparent, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin.

I am politically and religiously agnostic, preferring to support my community without fear or favour.

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Why Local Council

I want to be part of the regeneration of our community. I want to see business rebuilt, jobs created, our rangatahi looking towards a positive future.

I love to see diversity in our community. I believe that is what gives us strength - whether you can count yourself as indigenous, early settlers, or you arrived yesterday you have qualities which add to our melting pot. I want to ensure every resident feels included, welcome, necessary, in such a way that they develop their own sense of ownership of our community. We aren’t all the same and collaboration is what builds resilient and adaptive communities.

The last 2 years have affected us all in ways that we hadn’t thought possible. The pandemic has changed us and everyone has their stories to tell, however I like to think that it has also made us stronger. Auckland Council is working on our COVID-19 recovery plan and I want our community to share the strength they have gained to not only recover together, but ensure that should any emergency arise we are prepared. I want to encourage kindness and support during this time of rebuilding and finding our new normal.

We are resilient, together we can be powerful.


My Qualifications

Most of my working life has been in hospitality which eventually led me to event organising and community committees. This means that I know how committees work, about collaboration and leading/working within a team.

I have spent many years volunteering for groups including Lions Club International, Girl Guiding NZ, Navy Reserves, Covid Testing Centres and other community interest committees and I see this as an opportunity to continue my community work in a way that can have a positive and lasting impact.

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Nha mihi nuia ki a katou

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Meet Your Candidate

I'd love to meet you,
let's catch up me for coffee and a chat.

  • 13 September: Midpoint Cafe - Hobsonville 10:30am
  • 17 September: The Malt - Greenhithe 1:30pm
  • 21 September: The Parkhouse - Whenuapai 10:30am
  • 23 September: Caffe E Cuccina - Albany Highway 11:30am
  • 27 September: Midpoint Cafe - Hobsonville 10:30am
  • 29 September: Collins Cafe - Greenhithe 10:30am
  • 1 October: Caffe E Cuccina - Albany Highway 11:30am
  • 5 October: The Parkhouse - Whenuapai 10:30am
Upper Harbour Ward

Election Diary

Make sure you're registered to vote.

  • 25 August: Allied Heath Meeting 5:30pm,
    Hobsonville Coffee Club
  • 15 September: Upper Harbour Local Board meeting 9.30am
  • 15 September: Met the candidates event 6:30pm,
    Meadowood Community House
  • 16 - 21 September: Voting papers sent to enrolled voters
  • 16 September - 8 October: Voting opens
  • 8 October: Voting closes at 12 noon
  • 14 - 19 October: Final results announced